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Zen Yoga Therapy Courses In Melbourne

Lev Dulitsky has spent the last 25 years practicing yoga, with more than 3500 people attending his breakthrough Zen Yoga course. The course is limited to 3 people to ensure you get the most out of it. You will learn important tips, handy hints and information that can only be compiled after years of experience.

A manual is included. You will not only learn but also try Zen Yoga Therapy first hand.

Gain the confidence and skills you need to perform Zen Yoga Therapy.

During the Workshop you'll learn:

Is it for you ?

YES if you are a Yoga Teacher, or practioner in any Complementary Therapy Modalities.

YES if you are a Personal Trainer or Sport Instructor.

YES if you are practitioner of Natural Therapies, who wants to incorporate methods of Zen Yoga in your skill set.

If you have more than one 'yes' for this test, all information about this course is relevant to you and I will be happy to share my experience with you in our specially equipped Yoga Studio

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Saturday, Nov. 30th, 9am-5pm

21 Fletcher Street

Moorabbin, VIC

Cost per person is $295 If you come with a friend or partner, the date can be set to meet your requirements.

CALL TODAY (03) 9553 0945

*Limited availability per class, call and reserve your spot!

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Senior Yoga Teacher Member of YTAA (Yoga Teachers Association of Australia - Yoga Australia).

Research Engineer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Oki-Do Yoga Teacher, and Dowser are just a few of Lev's professional activities. Through a continual process of extensive study, observation, testing, and practice he acquired the knowledge he now shares in 'The Art of Touch' courses and seminars.

Lev has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years, having taught at CAE and various other educational institutions. He has successfully completed a ten month intensive teacher-training course in Oki-Do Yoga with Takao Nakazawa. Lev has been a teacher in Oki-Do Yoga for the last 15 years.

He also has extensive experience in Crystal Therapy, Dowsing, 'Energy Medicine' and Pyramid Healing and has traveled India and many other parts of the world, learning from spiritual masters. He regularly conducts courses in 'Crystal Healing/Therapy', 'Oki-Do Yoga', 'Zen Yoga Therapy,' Energy Medicine' and ''Su Jok/Acupressure'.

Lev's Qualifications:

Certificate in Medical Qi Gong, Master Level

Certificate in Feng Shui, Professional Level

Certificate in Reiki, Level 1, 2 and 3

Certificate in Space Clearing and Blessing, Professional Level

Certificate in Kinesiology, 'Touch for Health' System

Certificate in Dowsing (Victorian Dowsing Society)


"What an enjoyable and informative course. It was very interesting and packed full of extremely useful information.Thanks for a wonderful day!

- Natale

Call Now (03) 9553 0945 and Reserve your Place

If you're not 100% satisfied, let us know and you get your money back!